Pre-Trip Check Helps Avoid Road Trip Breakdown

School’s out for summer and your family is ready for a much needed summer vacation. But is your vehicle ready for the road? A new video from the non-profit Car Care Council explains the importance of a pre-trip vehicle check and the steps to be taken to be road-trip ready. “A pre-trip vehicle check helps […]


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2019 Diesel Power Challenge Presented by XDP | Part 4—Cone Course

Day 4 of Diesel Power Challenge 2019 Presented by XDP finished off with the Trailer-Tow Cone Course, made all the more diabolical this year with the addition of a tapering reverse chute, several high-speed straightaways, and the 90-degree reverse trailer box. Check out the recap here! Read more:

Looking for a solid car for road tripping

Hey y'all! So, I'll keep it brief. I'd like to find a car (used, not new) that would b e good for road trips. My current car is nice, but is more suited to daily driving and isn't as pleasant for road trips (it's a plug in hybrid). But there's no convenient way for me […]


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$40 Muffler Shootout—Engine Masters Preview Ep. 49

Watch the full episode on MotorTrend: Budget mufflers. What do you get for $40? How do they sound and how much power do they kill? On this episode of Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL, we run our 408 Cleveland with 12 different muffler options, including no muffler, straight through, chambered, and turbo style. Which […]


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Chevy II Nova Gasser: Week to Wicked—Day 1

Day 1 Recap. We’re rolling in our stock 1967 Chevy II Nova for a one-week transformation from grocery getter to gasser in 5 days! Today’s build we have a lot of things to do. We’re going to dismantle the car, bolt in the front and rear suspension (straight front axle), and get the brakes going. […]

Horseshoe Bend Information – Summer 2019

I've seen a lot of misinformation (or at least conflicting information) on the internet about Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona. I visited in June of this year (2019), and just wanted to help clear some things up. When we visited in June of 2019, a parking lot and entrance station had been built. There is […]

Road trip from Santa Fe to Salt Lake in 11 Days [Advice]

To preface, we are just laying the groundwork for our trip. We have a few solid things that are happening- primarily our flights in and out of the region, and a rental car! We are flying into ABQ, for an 11 day road-trip in early September.. We have both been in that region before, mine […]