30 day roadtrip through New-Zealand


Hello everyone!

Me and four friends are planning to make a roadtrip through New Zealand during March 2020. We haven't made any concrete plans so i'm writing this post to hear some tips & tricks, advice and recommendations!

We're all from Belgium and will each be on our own world trip, to meet in Auckland for a joint chapter on the other side of the globe! The idea is to rent an SUV and get some decent camping gear as we're primarily going for the scenery. I've heard about NZ being pretty strict about camping in the wilds, so would we be able to find accomodation when driving through remote places? Another idea was to rent a camper, but that may just be a little too tight.

Our total cost for this month of NZ would be estimated €1500-2000 (2500-3500NZD). As we are planning to go camping, costs for accomodation are low. We'll cook our own food as well. Camping gear and car rental would cost us about €500 each. However, we haven't got a clue about the fuel costs as we don't have a route for the trip yet. Does anyone have experience with this?

Apart from that we're also interested in finding some cool festivals & other local events. Cultural, music, etc. Recommendations for nightlife in cities like Auckland or Wellington are also appreciated! As are beautiful landscapes. 🙂

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