A trip to spread his ashes


Oy vey, it has been a long few months and suddenly I am planning a road trip. The TLDR backstory is that my husband died unexpectedly in October and my three teens and I want to honor him by spreading his ashes at as many National Parks as we can manage. He was a huge fan of the National Park System (he also loved libraries. Basically anything good the government provides).

Here’s where you come in. I’d like some direction to some good sources for how to even start planning a trip like this. I’d like to know how many miles we can reasonably plan for in a day. How many nights in a row at a different hotel is not miserable (like, how often do we need to be planning on a few days in the same locale) and things like that.

My general idea is maybe to fly into Denver, rent a car, and see how long we can go.

Is it still possible to keep plans loose and just wing it and grab hotels along the way? Or do we need to structure it closely? Should be book major points and leave plenty of time to get to them?

I just need some general guidance. I’ll be the only driver as the rentals won’t allow the teens to drive. The complication is that I don’t love to drive, but I will for the kids.

Or is there some other idea for seeing a ton of National Parks at once?

I know this is crazy, but we are all so deep in grief. We just need to run away. Thanks for any help or resources you can point me towards.

We’d leave in June and just go for as long as we could.

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