Advice Needed: Road trip from New Hampshire to Southern California, USA



I was wondering if anyone has any advice or experience for an American North East to South West road trip. I am planning one in order to move my car (2006 Toyota Matrix) and some other stuff, from New Hampshire to my new home in Irvine, CA.

Anyone know good interstates to take? Have attractions/sites to recommend? Places/cities to avoid?

Here are the details:

– Needs to be sometime in August 2020. Ideally, it would be around a week. Spending the least amount of money as reasonably possible.

– I like to stop at National Parks (not sure if that's possible because of the Pandemic though).

– My car has a bunch of boxes in it (from moving). It has a lot of miles on it already.

– I'm (F22) driving with my fiance (M27).

– We've traveled across the country (West to East) before. It took about a week because we were taking our time at National Parks. We Airbnb hopped everyday which was expensive.

– I'd like to see any notable attractions in the SouthWest (New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, etc). But again, not sure what it open right now.

– I know I could just pay a company to move my stuff, it's around 1.5k to move just my car. But I think, why not just drive?

The default route that Google Maps gives me.

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