California to Vermont Road Trip. Late January.


I'll be moving to Vermont from Southern California for a job I accepted. I would like to take whatever personal belongings I can fit in my 4-door full size (FWD) sedan. I need to be in Vermont by est 27th. I plan on leaving the 21st January. Am I giving my self enough time?

Cars in tip tip shape with all season (I know that's meaningless in snow) tires. The tires are a couple years old how ever they still have good amount of tread (40ish %). I'd likely be changing them to something more reasonable for the Vermont climate once I'm there.

What I'm looking for are tips and guidance. I'd like to avoid any rough areas on my route, or…snow/ice. I was to get there safely….sightseeing is not a priority for me.

What are some essential things I should be carrying in the car besides a snow chain, fix a flat, winter survival kit….anything else?

Best routes? Routes to avoid? Best Times to drive? Driving in snow advice?

I plan on stopping in major cities and staying at hotels to rest.

I consider myself a good safe driver however advice is always welcomed and appreciated.

This my first cross country trip… I have no issues driving 500-600 miles as I've made that range trips plenty. Can't say I'm not nervous but I'm also looking forward to it at same time.

Much obliged.

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