Cross country from DC to OR and back


Before covid19, I bought a plane ticket to go to Oregon from DC because my sister was having her first baby in May (she had the baby) and to see a bio relative of mine who almost died and could possibly not be around next year. I don't want to get into the gory details but this person lives in Montana so I was supposed to drive there and see them and then come back and leave from Portland.

My flights have been changed 3-4 times each way (two separate tickets) and I am actually worried I am either going to end up on some packed plane (they won't allow me to see seats any more or even see my flight online- Alaska Airlines) or worse be in some middle seat. I seriously do not want to fly if I can avoid it at all.

I was supposed to work this summer but that is canceled so I am seriously considering just driving there and staying in Oregon in my aunt's camp trailer and seriously social distancing but seeing my family and this bio relative in Montana on the way back. In normal circumstances I would not care to put this off for a year but this person may not be alive next year and is very keen on meeting me before that happens. I don't plan on going to see this person in their house or stay with this person either. Just a meeting in an outdoor setting with masks, distance, etc. I understand people have strong feelings about covid and I am not trying to ruffle feathers here.

My main questions are

how feasible is it to sleep in your car? I have an SUV and a window net for air. I would like to shower but wonder if the truck stop showers are sketch or even opened? Ot KOA? I could make do with wet wipes for 3-4 days I imagine. When I fold the seats down (including passenger seat that folds flat forward), I have more than enough space to lay out completely. I would like to avoid hotels and public spaces as much as possible. would it be better to drive from Montana through North or South Dakota? There is a 20 min difference in time. I imagine both are boring but is one less so than the other? When is tornado season and how is that transmitted to people who are traveling? Like phone alerts or radio or both? submitted by /u/sadunfair [link] [comments]

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