Epic western USA road trip update and reflections!! Success!


As some of you may remember I made this post asking for advice for a road trip in the west. I was flying in from NYC with my boyfriend and we rented a car in Seattle per u/cirena advice. Some people had reservations with the itinerary and others gave some suggestions. Places we went and very brief description of highlights below:

Seattle (4 nights) -Airbnb -also day trip to mt Rainer

Olympic Natl Park (1 night) -camping

Portland OR (2 nights) -Airbnb -day trip to Multnomah falls

Redwoods (2 nights) -camping

Yosemite (2 nights) -camping -note this was not actual Yosemite but a National forest outside of it

San Fran (2 nights) -Airbnb

LA (2 nights) -Airbnb

San Diego (2 nights) -Airbnb in La Jolla -Snorkeled and Kayaked at La Jolla

Grand Canyon (2 nights) -Camping at south rim -lost our tent along the way, thankfully we got one at a store

Zion Natl Park (2 nights) -Airbnb in nearby farm town (such a cool experience)

Arches Natl Park (2 nights) -camping

Denver (4 nights) -Airbnb -Rocky Mountain Natl Park day trip -alpaca farm day trip

Yellowstone Natl Park (2 nights) -glamping in Idaho farm an hour away from the park

Glacier Natl Park (2 nights) -camped at Lake McDonald campground (sooo beautiful) Seattle (1 night) -explored international section and had some great cuisine -flew back to nyc and dropped off rental car

In short, we accomplished everything we wanted. Except our car got broken into in Portland. Seattle was one of our favorite cities and Zion was one of our favorite national parks. If anyone has any questions/wants me to elaborate further/share pictures I’d be happy to!

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