Giving away our National Park Annual Pass with 10 months left on it!


Hey guys! We recently visited from Australia on our Honeymoon, and the USA National Parks absolutely blew us away! We will definitely be coming back, but it wont be this year to take advantage of the annual pass we bought (which saved us a ton of money just in the 1 month we were there!).

We did a bit of a vlog of the trip over a few different videos, and also did a top 10 list of things some things we learned as Aussie tourists – and on that youtube vlog is where we are giving it away to someone that comments the National Park they want to go to!

A) We are excited to know of more places for the next time we go B) It feels like such a waste for someone not to get enjoyment out of the rest of the 10 months of the pass!

Just go to here and comment away, and we will be picking someone at the end of this week to send the pass to! (and if you feel like subscribing or liking the video, then that's just an added bonus if you're feeling kind)

The Adventures of Zoom and Bettie

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