Help me plan a long road trip/backpacking/camping excursion for early June in the American South West/West


I am planning to go on a long road trip / backpacking / camping trip in the American West/South West (maybe North West).

I will be starting in LA, and my only actual date for anything official is I have 3 nights reserved at Zion for the first week of June for some car camping. I am thinking about extending my stay there, and getting a backpacking permit and spending maybe 1-2 more nights after my first 3 there doing wilderness backpacking.

Aside from Zion, my itinerary is free. I would like to hit up Death Valley (might do this on the way to Zion), I was at the Grand Canyon last year but I wouldn't be opposed, perhaps backpacking there might be fun as well but I am not sure. Monument valley sounds like a great choice, so does Bryce Canyon. I was thinking of making my way up to the Grand Tetons after exploring the South West. I just honestly am so indecisive!

I have no time constraints and will be doing this solo. I have nearly all the gear I need for wilderness backpacking and camping that I've slowly been gathering this year and just want to plan everything early so I can get all the correct permits, reservations, and things planned out!

Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do or see in places like SoCal/Nevada/Utah/Arizona, perhaps venturing up into Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana? The only thing off limits is Yosemite, my SO can't make this big trip with me (I also want to do this solo so I guess it works out) and I am saving going to Yosemite for a later time this coming fall with them when they are available.

My ultimate destination will be getting back home to Oregon.

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