Is this doable? Or am I insane??


I have 11 days to do this trip, because of my work schedule. I'll be traveling alone. Here's my itinerary:

Day 1: Drive home (SW Missouri) to Badlands *10 hours Day 2: Explore Badlands and Mt Rushmore, stay in Rapid City Day 3: Drive Rapid City to Cody WY (through Bighorn) Day 4: Yellowstone NP (stay in Bozeman MT) Day 5: Yellowstone NP (stay in Rexburg ID) Day 6: Grand Tetons NP (Stay in Rexburg ID) Day 7: Drive Rexburg to Bonneville salt flats to Salt Lake City Day 8: Salt Lake City to Moab UT, explore Canyonlands Day 9: Drive Moab to Denver area Day 10: Rocky Mountain NP Day 11: Drive Denver to home *11 hours

I'm kinda combining 2 trips into one, in less time than I initially had. I have some travel goals I'm trying to achieve and this would put me back on track. It'll be about 3500-4000 miles. In my head, this is totally doable. I'm great with long car rides, but I'm afraid I'll get out there and realize I'm overdoing it. Anyone have experience with a similar length and time frame trip? Is this realistic or am I out of my mind?

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