Kansas City to Seattle winter route suggestions


My girlfriend and I will be moving from Kansas City, MO to Seattle, WA in early February for her work. I’d prefer not to move across the country during Winter, but that is when her work needs her out there. We are going to be renting a U-Haul and making the move ourselves to save money. Her father has kindly offered to drive the U-Haul for us as he has more experience in driving larger trucks. The U-Haul will have about 2 bedrooms worth of belongings and we will be towing her car with the U-Haul while driving mine.

Our biggest concern at this point is safety and getting everything to Seattle in one piece. Unfortunately we probably won’t be able to make any stops for attractions since we’re on a bit of a time constriction. We are comfortable adding more time onto the trip if there is less risk of getting stuck in terrible winter/road conditions. We’re wondering what the ideal route for this move would be. I initially thought driving through the Rocky Mountains on an interstate was a bad idea, but she’s been told by others to avoid driving north through Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas due to worse winter weather.

Can anyone make any recommendations on the safest/easiest route from KC to Seattle during Winter? Any other suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated. Another quick question would be whether it’s a better idea to hitch the car to the U-Haulor pay a little extra for a car trailer hitch that would keep all 4 wheels off the ground (her car is a small 2011 Chevy Aveo).

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