Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and LA. Itinerary Help!


Hello Everybody,

The plan is to fly in to Las Vegas Dec/27 and fly out of San Jose Jan/04 to NYC. Our main goal will be the Las Vegas, followed by Grand Canyon and Los Angeles. Would be good to get your thoughts. We are a couple with two infants. Both 2 year old.

This is our first time in the US and first trip out of Europe with the kids.

Grand Canyon: We heard a lot of good things. We already love it. Will it be crowded at that time? We are not into hiking btw. What are the best places to look for AirBnB nearby?

Las vegas: not for Gamble. But we know LV is unique and cheaper to fly in so we thought why not! We are in for food for sure. How expensive can the stay be? What are the must-visits here?

LA: touristy stuff in Hollywood, We're considering a studio tour (Should we?). What are some family friendly tourist destinations here? The Ghetty museums? Griffith Observatory?

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Is it really that Amazing? Our friends and relatives insisted we spend a day here and that it is a magical place. Do we need to pre-book tickets? Which exhibits are Educational/Impressive and what to avaoid?

As we don't have an unlimited budget, can you post any recommendations on how to save money on decent (mainly clean) accomodation, Public Transport/car rental, food, entry tickets to some attractions? Any other tips? Thanks in advance!

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