Multiple CAN/US border crossings


So, by way of introduction, I love road trips. Have since I was a kid. Almost all my trips in the past 40 years (save two last year) have been road trips. I will passionately defend them to anyone. Which is why I joined this group.

We’re planning a road trip in March from our home in Winnipeg to the eastern US and back with me, my wife, and our two teenage kids. (You can see a map I have planned of the trip and where I’ll be when here ). One thing you’ll notice is that I cross the US-Can border multiple times: Emerson, MB/Pembina,ND, Port Huron, MI/Sarnia, ON, Stanstead, QC/Derby Line, VT, and finally Pembina, ND/Emerson, MB. Most of our road trips only involve just crossing in and back out again if there’s a border involved. I’m wondering if this would rise any alarms at either border? When asked for my “destination”, well there really isn’t one as it’s a road trip, and a loop. Am I expected to alert them of the future crossings and expected dates (which would make sense)?

Also, would anyone have any suggestions on the trip in general? My main concern is the weather, all the road trips I’ve been on so far are in the summer so not a concern, but March here in Winnipeg is a crap shoot weather-wise, what to expect where I’m going? (Maybe I’m concerned because it’s -16C right now and very slippery road conditions from what I experienced in the city yesterday). Any advice helpful.

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