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Hi, I'm 21 and a relatively new driver. I love my parents, but they kind of sucked when it comes to teaching me to drive. I mostly taught myself. I'm getting my own car soon, but for now I'm driving my mom's car to the store and stuff. Anyways, getting to the point, I'm supposed to go this camp for the college I just got into and the end of July. It's a three hour drive. After that, I want to visit my grandmother for a week, she lives in the country and it's a four hour drive from the camp, then a four hour drive back home. Even if the camp is canceled, I still wanna visit her (again a four hour drive). But again I'm still new, but the route is mostly country roads and wooded areas. The only city is when I leave my city of Dallas. Also, I drive better at night or early mornings when there's less traffic and other cars. So I want to leave bettween 3 am-5 am and arrive early. Anyways, does anyone have any advice for me? Any advice will be helpful

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