North Carolina to Key West


I will have around 12 days to travel from Charlotte, NC to Key West and would like to make some out of the ordinary stops along the way. First, I’m from Florida and I have family in WPB, Key Largo and Tampa- so I spend a fair amount of time in Florida. I’d love any ideas on stops along the way- I have no route preference at all. I’m looking for some places that aren’t your typical “omg SOUTH BEACH”- I’m also a champion social distancer by nature, so I don’t want to hit areas that will be crazy busy. I like being alone and I keep to myself. I have the ability to camp but I don’t think camping in Florida is really an option at the start of July due to the bugs. I love hiking, paddle boarding (will have mine with me), sitting on the beach, eating, snorkeling… I will -not- be prepared to dress up or get fancy. I may have a dress with me that can double as a swimsuit cover but that’s about it. I have been to Key West, Largo and Islamorada but nowhere else and the Key West trio was a disaster. Would love to discover some new places in my favorite state. Any ideas are really appreciated. Thank you.

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