Not sure where to go to next Summer (Europe)


Hi everyone. I came here looking for advice.

I want to begin planning my summer 2020 road trip. However I'm not sure where I want to go.

Just to give you some background: In 2018 I drove from Barcelona to Venice and back, stopping in 22 cities along the way so it's safe to say I covered a good bit of the South of Europe. This year I caught a plane to Croatia. I stayed there 2 weeks, driving from Zagreb to Dubrovnik.

As for 2020… I'll be going with my boyfriend and we are looking mostly for awesome landscapes, nature, sweet authentic villages, etc. We'll be camping. And we'll be traveling for a month.

I was thinking of doing North of Spain, a bit of North of France and then heading to Bruges (it's my official first, intentional stop). After that we'd head to Amsterdam, (explore a bit of beautiful Netherlands while we're at it). Then Bremen. I would also love to explore a bit of Germany since I've never been there.

But here is my doubt. I'm unsure if from Bremen I go up or down.

I'd love to do this: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Odense. I would really love to do this as we'd get to experience a lot of natural beauty and we'd visit awesome cities.

Buuuut I'd also love to get to know Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, etc.

So here I am asking for help:which route would be best in terms of beauty (in your opinion), which would be cheapest, etc.

Thanks in advance

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