Philly to New Orleans 12/19-1/4


Hi r/roadtrip, I hope you can offer some input! I am tentatively planning to do a solo road trip from 12/20-1/4. I technically have til 1/5 but I am trying to build in a day to recover. This is meant to be a vacation, so I want to be able to do fun/cool stuff and not spend my WHOLE time driving.

Current idea:

12/20 Phila -> Pgh (~5hrs): leave early for Pgh, spend day and night with friends who live there.

12/21 Pgh -> Knoxville (~8 hrs): leave early af for Knoxville. Spend night with friend who lives there.

12/22 Knoxville -> Birmingham (~4 hrs): leave for Birmingham. I've combed this sub and people keep saying Birmingham is cool, so I'm thinking I'll stop there. I'm not opposed to spending the night if it's really cool, but I could also stop, spend a few hours wandering around, and then continue on to NOLA and have that be a big driving day. I can be flexible based on how I'm feeling, but I'll scope out places to stay in Birmingham in case that ends up being the move.

12/23 Birmingham -> Nola (~5 hrs): Once I get to Nola I plan to be there for at least 4 days. Have a place to stay and friends that live there.

12/28 or 29? Nola -> Atlanta (~7 hrs): leave morning of the 29th for Atlanta, spend the afternoon and night there. I'm not married to Atlanta as a midpoint here, I just didn't know where else might be cool.

12/30 Atlanta -> Asheville (~4 hrs): leave in the morning for Asheville. I've heard awesome things, so I don't want to rush it here. I'd consider spending NYE here if people think that's a good idea.

1/1 Asheville -> Roanoke (~4 hrs): Roanoke is kind of an arbitrary destination, I just wasn't sure where else to stop. I'm pretty sure Annie Dillard wrote Pilgrim at Tinker Creek while living there, and it was on the way, lol. I'm open to being persuaded otherwise.

1/2 Roanoke -> Philly (~6 hrs)

I've built in a few extra days for flexibility. I'm a big camp/hiker but it's too cold to camp outside, obviously, and since I'm going to be alone I'm probably not trying to do any crazy long or dangerous hikes. But I would be totally open to stopping along the way if there's anything I can't miss.

Also, if anyone has recs on places to stay in any of these places (except Pgh, Knox and Nola, I'm covered there) or places to explore, let me know. And if there are any super cool destinations in between or alternate routes anyone would like to suggest, I'm open. I'm trying to do this kind of cheaply, if that's possible. If you've made it this far, bless you, and thanks in advance!!

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