Planning NY – New Orleans – Miami for June. Lots of questions.


Hey friends.

A very good friend and I want to do our second US road trip. We're flying in from Düsseldorf (Germany) which has cheap direct connections to/from New York and Miami. We also want to check out New Orleans. Now I wanted to hear about your input on my current ideas and impressions so far.

We'd start in NY, head down to New Orleans and then to Miami. We'll have two weeks (14 days ± 2). Four days in New York is way enough. Renting two nights in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn might be the most interesting setup. There's a night train called crescent that costs 800 dollars for the two of us and takes 30 hours. That's too expensive and we skip some amazing landscape. So I think I don't want to do that. Renting a car costs a bit more but allows for a lot of stops along the road. I expect that we can spontaneously stop at some camping or motel, rest, have breakfast and refill the trunk with supplies. On the way, we figure out our ETA for New Orleans and book an airbnb somewhere around the French quarter. Upon arrival, we'd ditch the rental in New Orleans and stay five days. We'd jump from restaurant to restaurant and follow random locals' advice. With a new car, we'd head to Miami and stay there until our plane arrives. I think in Miami it might be smarter to keep the car. But I'm not sure.

So feel free to pick any point and give me feedback, advice, ideas or other input on the route or places. Thank you to much for your participation!

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