Road Trip from San Francisco to Santa Fe – Any overnight stop recommendations?


Hello! My SO and I will be taking a 10 day road trip from one SF to another. (Funny story, this was originally supposed to be an Alaskan Cruise, which then turned into 10 days in Hawaii… which is now turning into a road trip!). We do have US road trip experience and have driven cross-country.

Anyway, we will be driving in regular car and likely be Airbnb-ing the whole way (lots of credits to use from many canceled trips). The way that we like to travel, we don't do more than 6-8 hours of driving in a day, so I'm expecting it will take two overnight stops each way.

Our first night would be somewhere around Barstow or Lake Havasu, and then the second night would be halfway between there and Santa Fe – maybe Flagstaff? I love seeing smaller, unique parts of the world and would skip something like Vegas or Phoenix.

I was planning on hitting Four Corners and the Grand Canyon on the way back (spending two nights at the GC – we've both been there before so it's a secondary visit), but would appreciate any cool spots you guys have seen.

Apologies if that's a confusing explanation. I genuinely enjoy planning and taking road trips and am happy to discover this subreddit. Your thoughts are appreciated and thank you for welcoming me into the community!

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