Road Trip Of The UK Next Week, Looking For Willing Strangers To Meet!


I'm gonna hit the road next week. I used to be a really outgoing, confident person, who would do anything and everything at the drop of a hat just for the hell of it. While I'm still pretty confident, my life has become rather.. routine.. these last 5 years or so. I really miss the outgoing part of myself. I'm restless.

There are many places in the UK I've never seen, and countless people I've never met, so I'm gonna try and see as many of both as I can! I have no particular destinations in mind and no timeframe, I'm just gonna take every road I can find that leads to somewhere new and try to cram in as many new experiences as possible.

No matter who you are reading this, I would LOVE to hang out with you if I pass through your town! Talk to me about everything and nothing, show me pictures of your dog or the best vacation you've ever had. I wanna find out all about you before I move on again.

If it matters (although if you're inclined to respond to this, I imagine it wont) I'm 26M, tall and slim with medium length dark blonde hair and can usually be found wearing a Stetson and shades. I work in a casino, play guitar and game in my spare time, and I can tell you all about my time living in Texas (I went there on a 2 week vacation and ended up getting impulsively married and stayed for 7 months).

If you're concerned about safety, please bring as many friends as you want, I'd love to meet them too.

Social distancing applies 😉

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