Road Trip to Acadia with Fido in June 2020


After researching a bit about Acadia National Park, my husband and I are interested in traveling there late May or June this year, road tripping from Charleston, SC. It looks to be a pet friendly vacation option for us to take our pup this summer.

We are looking for several recommendations. Originally posted in r/travel, but haven’t gotten good responses yet, so hoping for better insights from this community: 1) Looking for pet friendly lodging in and around Acadia. I’ve been looking at pet friendly Airbnb cabins. Is this the best approach or are there other options we should consider? 2) Alternatively, we are considering the possibility of renting an RV for the entire trip; we have never rented an RV before, so we aren’t sure if this would be a good idea but we thought it could be an adventure. Any advice? 3) Looking for recommendations for the best trails for a dog (he’ll be one at the time and not accustomed to long hikes), and other activities we should consider for this trip from others familiar with the area. My husband and I like hiking, photography, wineries, breweries, boating.

Other info about us: We have road tripped from Seattle to Charleston, SC in a car, stopping at Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Arches + Canyonlands, Garden of the Gods, and Great Smokey Mountains doing a mix of tented camping and hotels. Had a blast. This will be our first long road trip with a dog and first time road tripping to the northeast US.

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