Roadtrip California 2020


Hello Fellow Roadtrippers!

Me and my travel buddy are planning a roadtrip to see the West-Coast of the USA in September 2020. As you guys all know this region is very popular and there is also so much to see. I've got an idea in my head of how the roadtrip is going to be but I would appreciate some feedback of you guys. I know there are already a lot of posts about his topic but every roadtrip is a bit different.

First of all I've got to mention we're hiring a rental car and not a RV because for the two of us it's too expensive otherwise… I know there are some days that are too long concerning driving times but we love doing long days so every suggestion on how to shorten or adapt it is welcome.

Itinerary: Day 1: Arrival San Francisco Day 2: San Francisco Day 3 & Day 4: Yosemite National Park Day 5: Mammoth Lakes Day 6: Death Valley Day 7: Las Vegas Day 8 & 9: Zion National Park Day 10 & 11: Moab (Arches National Park & Canyonlands) Day 12: Kayenta (Monument Valley) Day 13: Page (Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend) Day 14: Grand Canyon Day 15: Route66 to Lake Havasu Day 16: & 17: Los Angeles Day 18 & 19: Route1 to San Francisco Day 20: Return Flight

Some remarks about this roadtrip:

Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park are not included because we're gonna do Yosemite ==> Good decision or not? Zion NP to Moab is a very long drive: Is arches and canyonlands worth the drive? I got a suggestion to drop Rte1: Thoughts? Someone else suggested returned from Los Angeles: Thoughts? In this trip there is a night in Death Valley Included: Worth it or not?

I know this a lot of information to read and process but I hope you guys can help me on making this trip epic!

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