SAN – LAS spring roadtrip planning


Finally narrowed down which r/t for the Spring (early April). Now we’re wrestling w editing to make it work within our dates. Love some help on the edit, something has to give here. I think there is one too many nights in here when I have 9 to use.

Breakdown in order. Not sure if the number of nights at each yet but the wish is next to (2x). Something I’m missing? Our flight in is a late Friday night east coast to SAN, so day 1 is a true complete day. Open to ideas please!

Days 1-2: San (2x): Coronado, Zoo, Balboa, Old Town, Taco truck

Day 3: Anza-Borrego stop en route to Palm Springs (1x)

Day 4: Day in Palm Springs, night near Joshua Tree (1x)

Day 5: Joshua Tree, get to Mojave area for night (1x)

Day 6: Drive through Mojave to near Death Valley- hotel just outside to spring on it early AM (1x)

Day 7-8: all Death Valley, night at lodge hotel in park for one night, get to Vegas evening of Day 8

Day 8-9: Vegas for 2 or 1 night. Could red eye night of 9 or flight out morning of Day 10

This might all work as-is. We’re movers, 700 miles is light for us in 9 days, have done more faster. We like the drives. I been told to skip either Anza or Mojave, Mojave is literally on the way, Anza a bit outside. Not sure if Palm Springs talks to me, Rodeo I’m not… looks gorgeous tho. Vegas is about seeing what is left of old Vegas, no shows or nightclubs. 12 year old in tow!

We like our road trips w a little city, little country, some hiking, some time to get on a side road… We’re not camping. Love historic lodges and hotels.

Wind at your back! Appreciate any advice/opinions.

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