Taking off at the end of next week for an almost cross country journey. Inspired by “America Unchained” i’m not going to support “The Man” aka Chain Stores/Hotels/etc.


I'm taking off to move a long time friend from my hometown to Los Angeles, I will be driving there and back. I've made this journey a few times in the past with an emphasis on trying to always support the small,independent businesses along the way, but with more lax terms.

This time I am challenging myself to not buy gas from any of the big gas chains(like shell,chevron,arco,exxon,mobil,etc). I've also got a "thing" for old gas pumps(something about watching the old school dials spin, I feel like as the years pass the opportunity to see these things in action is dwindling).

Here is a list of indie gas stations I was able to find along the way, these certainly aren't the only ones but this is what I could find with google in the intervals I need gas(my car has a small tank, range is 322mi, so I'm aiming to never go under 1/4 tank).

I'm considering taking the I-10 southern route back from Cookeville as this I-40 route is getting boring for me. I may make a list like this for I-10 on the way back and post it here if there's interest.

Independent gas stations & Hotels between Los Angeles,CA and Cookeville,TN on I-40.

Home ->

AV Gas mart in Apple Valley (82 Mi , 2hrs 2min from last stop)

Sams Gas Plus in Kingman (238Mi , 3hrs 33min from last stop)

VP Racing Fuels in Flagstaff (150Mi , 2hrs 12min from last stop)

Gasmax in Gamerco/Gallup — Gas UP if bad weather. (184Mi 2hr 41min from last stop)

Planned stop in gallup, will choose from the myriad of independent offerings in this town. In the past I’ve stayed in the Budget Inn(twice), Economy Inn(Favorite so far) and Zia Motel.

Premier Food and Gas – Albuquerque (153Mi 2hr 16min from last stop)

Cuervo Gas – Cuervo nm (127Mi 1hr 58min from last stop) *note about Cuervo, this is the only one with the old spinning dial gas pumps I mentioned earlier.

Vega Truck stop – Vega TX (119Mi 1hr43min from last stop)

C&K Quickstop – Erick,OK (149Mi 2hr 10min from last stop)

Country Boy Gas or C Checkers if late arrival(161mi 2hr27min) *Note about OKC area, two more spinning-dial old pumps area available at McDonald's Svc station and Holik Service station, although I expect these places to be closed by the time I arrive in this area.

EZ Mart Ft smith AR (171mi 2hr 39min)

Planned stop in Ft Smith Arkansas. Have stayed at Terry Motel and Inn Towne Suites(favorite) in the past, Will most likely stay there again.

BEARS Station Conway,AR (127mi 1h57min)*from EZ Mart

Memphis,TN Superman Station(173mi 2hr38min)

Lebanon TN Fast Break Station(230mi 3hr27min)

Cookeville Arrival.

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