Tips for a first time road trip through the east coast of USA?


Hi fellow roadtrippers!

I'm heading of to USA with my girlfriend in june 2020, and we love to start on the east coast. It is our first visit to USA, and her first road trip overall. I road tripped in Europe with friends so have a bit of experience. Some places we are really interested in are NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Charleston & Savannah. We are going for 23 or 24 days. I love to learn some interesting things from experienced roadtrippers who also went there or live there. We are still in the research phase. I have a couple of questions and would gladly appreciate anyone replying 🙂

Is it possible to do North (New Hampshire) and all the way through South (Savannah, Atlanta for flight back probably) in one trip? We don't want to rush things in those 23/24 days to really experience the nature, cities and lovely people all around. Otherwise we will probably skip the North, because we start in NYC and have to go up and then whole the way down. What are some hidden nature gems on this coast? Read some about the Blue Ridge Mountains but not much else. As much as we like to experience big cities in this area, what are some really nice small towns on the east coast to visit? That has a nice, unique restaurant or bar or such. We are both from small towns in the Netherlands and love the vibe a town has. What is the biggest mistake a first time road tripper in the USA could make ?

If you have any further recommendations for places to visit, things to do or things to avoid i'd love to know! I know this is a really broad question but love some insights from people who've experienced it!

Thanks in advance,

Ruud & Inge

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