Too much hiking @ Zion? How unrealistic am I being?


28yr old male. Worked out for 7 years for 5-6x week. Stopped going mid 2018 and have noticed a significant decrease in stamina and strength.

I'm planning a 3-day trip to Zion from 11/25 to 11/27 and am taking my dog! He'll be with a friend for the first 2 days and then with me the last day. Here's what my plan is and I'm wondering just how unrealistic I'm being with how much hiking I have planned…Just note that Observation Point and Weeping Rock are both closed 🙁 otherwise I would have planned for an extra day!

Day 1 by myself Angel's Landing (5.4 miles & 4 hours) Kayenta Trail (2 miles & 1.5 hours) Day 2 by myself Riverside Walk (2.2 miles & 1.5 hours) Watchman Trail (3.3 miles & 2 hours) Day 3 with my dog Pa'rus Trail (3.5 miles & 2 hours) Highway 9 scenic drive (all by car…)

I'm not sure how unrealistic I'm being but I just want to make the most of my trip. Angel's Landing is an absolute must for me and so is the Watchman Trail. Idk about the Riverside Walk because I'm not too keen on walking through cold water.

Do I need to rethink my plan to be more realistic? Also feel free to suggest essential items I should be taking on these hikes besides the obvious food, water & socks.

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