Travel map, itinerary, and pics of 12 day road trip in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado in a camper van


Hi everyone,

First time poster here in /r/roadtrip. I have found that planning and doing road trips is a huge passion of mine. This is the 2nd big road trip I've set up for my wife and I in the last two years. Our first trip was Las Vegas to San Francisco last year and this year we chose Phoenix, AZ to Denver, CO, with a whole bunch of Utah in between. We did this trip in mid-October of this year in a Ford E-150 rented camper van.

I am sharing the map and detailed itinerary I created myself along with 18 photos from the journey in chronological order:

A much more detailed itinerary is available as the first photo in the above Imgur album but here is a quick version of it:

Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Powell, Zion National Park, Capital Reef National Park, Arches National Park, Aspen, Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver.

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