United States Snowiest Interstates? And Least?


My girlfriend and I are moving from Wisconsin to Las Vegas this January. We will have over a week to complete the drive, though we're expecting it to take about 2-3 days. We will be in 2 separate vehicles, a 2007 Dodge Dakota 4×4 and a 2005 Pontiac G6. The truck is mine, the car is hers. We want to achieve a healthy balance between getting there quickly and exploring the country as we go. We don't want to deal with snow as we travel. We want to avoid spending any nights anywhere because of weather, or needing to turn around because her car can't make it thru a mountain pass safely. That being said, we are looking to put together multiple routes to our destination. "Plan A, Plan B", and so forth.

So, here's what I need help with: 1.) Route that will have absolutely NO snow (I understand that we will likely start with snow on the ground traveling from Wisconsin, but I was thinking we could drive south to Kansas City and then west towards Phoenix/flagstaff? Would this be an efficient and effective route to avoid snow? We are completely happy to drive with anything up to like 3", absolute maximum. 2.) Route that will have minimal snow – general area may have ~4-6" but the roads are 100% clear. 3.) Route that will have snow in minimal areas – No snow for >80% of the trip, exceptions being mountain passes perhaps?

Those are the essentials. If you want to help me out a little bit more I'm trying to figure out routes that incorporate 1, 2, and 3 as seen above but that visit particular spots. Hitting multiple spots is a MAJOR bonus. These spots includes, but are not limited to:

Grand Canyon. – Never been there or to any similar environment. Would love to take advantage of being "in the area"

Denver, CO. – Relative nearby that would be fun to visit.

El Paso, TX. – I don't know a whole lot about this place but it's right on the boarder and has always intrigued me. I think it'd be fun/interesting to pass thru/spend an hour in and grab coffee somewhere.

Las Cruces, NM. – I know very little about this place but it has some badass mountains behind some cityscape, which is neat. Any other places with similar qualities would be good, too!

So yea, there you have it. We want to see as many different natural environments as possible, while also hitting as many big cities as possible, while also swinging off course a teensy bit if needed to see a landmark, all while avoiding snow.

Anyone have some good route ideas or information that could help build them?

TL;DR: See above^

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