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Hey guys,

I am planning to go on a roadtrip from April to May next year.

My flights arrive in LAX with a return flight 20 days later. Usually 20 days should be okay for the roadtrip, my only concern is that I want to visit Portland for 2-3 days since I got relatives there. I considered going down south to San Diego for one day and then up north via Joshua Tree NP, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Page, Zion and Yosemite to San Francisco and then flying up to Portland with a return flight to LAX before I head back to Europe.

However I am not sure if this is the ideal way to go. I would be interested in the PCH as well but I think it's pretty much impossible given my flights and the limited amount of time and it would mean missing at least Yosemite and maybe Death Valley, too.

Actually I would also like to visit monument Valley but I think it's too far given my limited time. Sequoia NP and Kings Canyon would also be an option.

I want to spend 3 days in Los Angeles, 3 days in Las Vegas and 2 days in San Francisco.

Is going up north a good idea or would you recommend going to Portland first and working my way down, maybe flying to San Francisco from Portland and then starting with a rental car? Driving at night would not be a problem.

So yeah… Basically I want to see everything but I am short in time and I don't really know what my best bet for this, essentially only 16 days, roadtrip is.

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